When it comes to residential and commercial security, strength and strict enforcement must work hand-in-hand with customer service. Most situations can be easily resolved through tact and diplomacy. 

Residential security brings an added concern that home and family are the most important assets we possession as people. This is why American Fire & Security, Inc. only hires experienced, mature and knowledgeable team members, who undergo careful screening and employment verification as well as extensive training beyond of what is required by law. We understand that our challenge is to bring peace of mind and safety, while avoiding inconvenience for our customers. 

In commercial security, our people know well, that the challenge of exceptional customer service must fit into safety and loss prevention. Our staff is well-trained to observe in a discreet manner so as to avoid making customers uncomfortable and ensuring that their experience of shopping is a pleasant one, while at the same time, preventing theft. We are also mindful that despite the need for pleasant and efficient work environment, occasionally, it is the employees who engage in an act in impropriety. This is the reason the team at American Fire & Security, Inc. always leaves it to the customers to set policy, which we enforce. 

This approach is the reason why our wide array of customer, from residential buildings, co-ops to commercial establishments and retail stores, have been with us for so long. They understand the challenges we face every day and know when and how to bring peace of mind, comfort and sense of safety to their establishments and stores.